Project Behavioral Health

Project Behavioral Health is a program developed by the Space Coast Early Intervention Center, a Full Spectrum ABA partner campus, to help cover the cost of part-time ABA therapy for students. Project Behavioral Health aims to assist the teaching staff in appropriately managing behavioral disruptions in the classroom. This will assist the existing Behavioral Health Program by providing additional hands-on services through counseling, parent-teacher training, and play therapy. 


Project Behavioral Health will provide behavioral assessments to targeted students by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Once need is assessed, a treatment plan will be established, executed, and periodically evaluated in collaboration with the teacher, parent, counselor and BCBA. A registered behavior technician (RBT) will carry out the treatment plan when the plan is too comprehensive for a teacher to handle unsupported. We anticipate serving approximately 60 students through Project Behavioral Health. 


The aims of Project Behavioral Health are to reduce the number of expulsions, reduce job loss of parents due to childcare needs, and ultimately reduce delinquency and crime. IMAGINE a school where ALL children can achieve academic success, behavioral health, and educational progression. Just IMAGINE!

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